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Actually MultyCam is split video capture driver. All you have to do for video splitting is just
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12 November 2008

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MultyCam 3.1 application is a video/cam splitting tool, which supports users in splitting video source such as web cam, to various programs simultaneously. Using the application you can easily get video source multiplied and broadcasted in video conference or chat programs like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, etc. It’s a form of ‘Split Video Capture Driver’, which simply require users to connect it with a video source like image file, video file, video camera, or web camera, and then connect other video chat/conference/messenger applications with MultyCam virtual device. Once activated, it gives an appearance that different video sources are connected with your PC. The application proves itself to be one among the best video splitting applications available in online marketplace.

MultyCam 3.1 application presents a decent appearance in front of the users and sports a rich feature-set. The interface is medium sized and is divided in two parts, left is the display area and right part features some program options. Using ‘File’ menu’s ‘Video Source’ option, or ‘Video’ option provided at the bottom right, you can load an image file, video file or select desktop, for displaying. The selected video is played at bottom right preview window that can be viewed in full screen mode, or you can shift to display the video at large display area on left, through ‘Options’. Further, you’re provided with ‘Color’ option to alter the brightness, contrast and saturation values for video display. The ‘Playlist’ feature includes the video and slideshow feature contains images for being displayed. You can enter text for ‘Overlay’ on video, and customize it as needed. Along with these features the program also includes feature to take Snapshots from the video, of which you can form a slideshow. There are various settings and configurations provided that you can alter commanding the application to work accordingly.

MultyCam 3.1 is a proficient video capture driver/ video splitting tool that allows users to display multiple videos with various video applications like messengers, chats programs, etc. Allotted the rating at 3.5 points, the application displays effective feature-set, through which users can command application to work as per specification for desired results.

Publisher's description

MultyCam is software for video splitting. Another words MultyCam is some kind of video splitter or cam splitter. Have you ever needed to split video source (like web cam) to different applications at the same time? With native Windows video options you are not able to multiply video. MultyCam allows easily multiply video source in video chat or video conference software like Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Skype Video, MSN Messenger, Camfrog, Pal Talk, AOL AIM, etc. and broadcast it. Multiply cam provides a lot of useful features for video splitting and other purposes that can't leave you cold.
Actually MultyCam is split video capture driver. All you have to do for video splitting is just install the MultyCam on your computer, connect it to a video source (web camera, video camera, video file or image file), and connect other applications (video chat, video conference any messenger or video applications) to the MultyCam virtual device. This cam splitter or cam multiplier looks like several separate video sources connected to your computer.
MultyCam is known video splitting software that helps people to multiply video among different video applications. MultyCam is one of the best video splitting software for now.
Do not hesitate. Just download MultyCam and split video. MultyCam is totally free.
Version 3.1
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Muhammad Ishaque
presently I am using Xtreme webcam and found it very good source
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